The Carnivore Keto Cut Program

The Carnivore Keto Cut Program

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The 4-Week Carnivore Keto Cut Program is a Ketogenic Diet variation created to help you achieve various health goals.  Carnivore Keto is essentially a 0 carbohydrate, primarily meat-based diet that has been developed and used by some of the top Ketogenic coaches.  During this 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEED guide you will be given not only 4 weeks of training and nutrition but also the necessary tools to help you achieve success such as:

  • Macronutrient Adjustments
  • Unique Carnivore Keto Recipes
  • Ketogenic Education
  • Product Recommendations
  • Expert Guidance from Danny, Chris, and Rachel

We hope that you enjoy the 4-Week Carnivore Keto Cut Guide and that you take the time to enter our transformation contests sponsored by some of the top companies in the Ketogenic space!

Danny Vega earned his Master’s of Science in Human Performance from the University of Florida and went on to become the Strength & Conditioning coordinator for VCU basketball, helping the 2007 Rams make it to the second round of the NCAA tournament.

Chris Irvin is a former collegiate athlete and sports performance coach who received his Master’s Degree in Exercise and Nutrition Science from the University of Tampa and Bachelor's Degree in Biology from Illinois College.  Chris is an expert at taking complex ketosis research and turning it into actionable and digestible information. 

Rachel Gregory is a Board-Certified Nutrition Specialist, Athletic Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Coach. She received her Master’s Degree in Nutrition & Exercise Physiology from James Madison University. Rachel completed the first ever human clinical trial looking at the effects of the Ketogenic Diet in Crossfit athletes and is the founder of Killin It Keto, LLC.